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Best Supporter Experience

For organisations that understand and demonstrate

exceptional supporter care and experience.

This award recognises the successful development and implementation of best-practice donor or supporter experiences.  The supporter experience should offer donors deeper engagement with beneficiaries, impact and outcomes; bring them closer to the cause; maintain their interest; extend their support; or increase their lifetime value – just to name a few. These experiences should reflect a deep understanding of donor insights integrated with organisational strategy. This award also recognises the use of effective donor experiences through multi-channel engagement.


Applicable types of fundraising

​Including, but not limited to:

  • major gifts – including capital campaigns

  • community fundraising – including peer-to-peer, supporter events, signature events

  • digital campaigns

  • individual giving – including gifts in Wills, cash and regular giving

  • merchandise campaigns

  • grants, trusts and foundations

  • corporate partnerships


Executive Summary - 20%

a) Tell us about your best-practice supporter experience. Why did you develop this experience and what impact did it have on your fundraising success/organisational strategy?

b) Please provide a short (approx. 1-3 min) video telling us of your supporter experience. Why do you believe this supporter experience was exceptional? This can be a simple video filmed on your phone.  The quality of the production will not be considered in the judging process – it’s about the story you tell.

To see examples of some of the videos the judges have rated highly in the past, visit #TopTips | FIA Awards

Objectives - 20%                        

a) What were the objectives of the supporter experience you created? What problem or issue was it aiming to address?

b) What insights were used to develop this supporter experience?

Demonstration of exceptional supporter experience - 20%

a) How was the supporter experience created? How does it differ to previous supporter experiences?

b) What do you believe were the key success factors for the supporter experience?

c) What platforms were used, if any, and why?

FIA Code Alignment - 10%

State at least one way your campaign showed alignment to the FIA Code

Impact and outcome of supporter experience - 30%             

a) What changed following the implementation of this supporter experience? How was this measured?

b) What was the fundraising result from the supporter experience? How did it benefit your organisation and/or mission?

c) What lessons were learnt?

Who can enter this category?

The submitting organisation must be a 2024/25 Organisational Member of FIA and have held Organisational Membership for at least 12 months. The submission must be approved by the CEO/ Head of Fundraising or equivalent.

If you are not a current member or are unsure of your membership status please call 1300 889 670.

Campaigns must be conducted, or partially conducted, during the last 18 months: 1 March 2023 to 31 August 2024, unless otherwise specified.

Submission guide

Download the submission guide for full details, terms and conditions and to plan your submission before you start.

Download the pre-submission checklist to ensure you have everything you need prior to submitting your entry.

Applications close on Friday 23 August 2024

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