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FIA's Awards #TopTips for Success

Tip #1: Check, check and recheck – get fresh eyes to proof your submission 

Tip #2: Judges score against criteria. Dazzle with creativity AND tick the boxes

Tip #3: Say what you mean – use direct language to deliver your message clearly 

Tip #4: It is not about how much the campaign raised but showing the effectiveness of the campaign

Tip #5: Show that you did something different and innovative and not just the same campaign year after year 

Tip #6: Show strategic thinking: why was the campaign done that way (not just because it’s the same every year)

Tip #7: Does your executive summary address how the fundraising activity fits into the organisation’s overall fundraising strategy?

Tip #8: Tell your story. Your entry includes a short, informal video. This is your opportunity to share the passion, inspiration and reason why you or your entry should win.

Executive Summary Video

Make sure you include your executive summary video in your submission. This is a short (approx. 1-3 min) video telling your campaign story. Why should your campaign win this award?


This can be a simple video filmed on your phone. The quality of the production will not be considered in the judging process – it’s about the story you tell.

Below are some examples:


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