Fundraiser of the Year

The Fundraiser of the Year Award recognises an FIA Member who has made an outstanding contribution to fundraising best practice and to FIA over the period of 5 years. The fundraiser should have shown outstanding fundraising performance, best practice through their actions, uncompromising commitment to ethics, contribution to sector improvement and impact on the fundraising profession.


Fundraising Innovation and Impact - 30%

Outline the key fundraising achievements of the nominee over a 5-year period, focusing on exemplary results when benchmarked within the organisation or alternatively the sector. Demonstration of challenges overcome in the pursuit of excellence or innovative fundraising practice is also recommended.


Organisational Impact - 20%

Provide details of how the individual and their successful fundraising has helped transform or improve organisational success. This can include culture, financial, systems and process or strategy.


Commitment to personal and professional development - 10%

Outline investments in career development including courses, tertiary learning as well as any professional accreditation or credentials such as CFRE that have been achieved in the last 5 years.


Service in or to the fundraising sector and community - 10%

Details of voluntary service to the sector which could include: advocacy for the fundraising profession within the broader community, service to FIA or other peak bodies; professional service to fundraising through other organisations (Board, Committees) or direct service delivery in the community.


Summary of Award Nomination - 20%

a) Provide a summary of the award nomination, including why the nominee should win this award. Include examples of how the nominee has shown consistent excellence and best practice through their actions, leadership and intellect.

b) Please provide a short (approx. 1-3 min) video telling us why the nominee should win this award. This can be a simple video filmed on your phone.  The quality of the production will not be considered in the judging process – it’s about the story you tell.

Referral Letter - 10%

A referral letter from the nominee's referee. The referral letter must include evidence that the fundraiser has shown consistent excellence and best practice through their actions, leadership and intellect.

Who can enter this category?

The nominator must be a member of FIA who has a current full professional or organisational membership held for a 12-month period.


The nominee must be a member of FIA who has a current full professional or organisational membership (nominated or additional staff) held for a 24-month period.


The nominee must have fundraised continuously and held a professional fundraising position over a 5-year period with a charity, not-for-profit organisation or specialist charity supplier. The nominee may have held different positions at different
organisations over this time, however must all have been in professional fundraising.

The nominee must be over the age of 30.

Submission guide

Download the submission guide for full details, terms and conditions, and to plan your submission before you start.


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