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Fundraising Champion of the Year

Established in 2021, this award acknowledges the importance and highly valued contribution of ‘non-traditional’ fundraising advocates and supporters within your organisation. Designed to recognise that effective fundraising doesn’t happen in isolation, the award honours a member of your organisation who does not hold a specific fundraising role, but whose efforts contribute to, facilitate, grow and support your fundraising success.

In searching for the fundraising champion of the year, look beyond your fundraising teams.  These champions will be found on your board, at the leadership table, in your finance team or amongst those responsible for program delivery.  They will provide critical support to fundraisers, but they won’t recognise themselves as such.


Executive Summary - 30%

a) Provide a summary of the nominee's positive influence on fundraising within your organisation. Include examples of how the nominee has championed fundraising activity (either strategically or operationally) and therefore contributed to effective fundraising practice.

b) Please provide a short (approx. 1-3 minute) video telling us why the nominee should be recognised as the fundraising champion by FIA. This can be a simple video filmed on your phone. The quality of the production will  not be considered in the judging process - it's about the story you tell.


Personal Profile - 30%

Include an outline of the nominee's role in the organisation, along with a summary of their support, advocacy or involvement in your organisation's fundraising activities undertaken in the past 18 months.


Facilitating a Culture of Fundraising - 20%

Provide a description of the nominee's key involvement in transforming fundraising culture in your organisation. How has the culture changed and what difference has it made on other staff/volunteers/supporters/Board?


Fundraising Activity Involvement - 20%

Provide a brief description of the nominee's key involvement with the organisation's fundraising activities/campaigns. What was the impact or outcome of their involvement? How did results change, improve or grow? 

Who can enter this category?

  • Organisations submitting an entry must be a current (2022-2023) Organisational Member of FIA.

  • The 'champion' must have made a significant contribution to the fundraising success of the organisation within the past 18 months.

Submission guide

Download the submission guide for full details, terms and conditions, and to plan your submission before you start.


All entries close Friday 9 September 2022.

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