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Plan International Australia

Donor Acquisition category - Over $5 million revenue

Change For Girls - A New Regular Giving Product For Plan International Australia


Plan International Australia works with children and communities globally to overcome poverty and injustice, including discrimination against girls. The organisation pioneered child sponsorship, a principal source of revenue. But political and socio-economic shifts meant revenue/acquisition volumes for child sponsorship are declining for organisations everywhere. Plan International Australia needed a long-term, sustainable product to reach its audience across multiple channels to retain supporters long-term.

‘Change for Girls’ (CFG) – a girl-centred regular giving product – was launched by the in-house product development team after market research and integration with a new brand strategy. CFG evolved from online message testing and prototyping using Facebook advertising to an acquisition campaign using F2F and telemarketing. Plan International continued to adapt/refine the product for the audience. CFG proved flexible and cost-effective across channels and measurable regarding new donors and revenue generated.

Over 10 months, the retention rate was 98% for the first payment, exceeding that of child sponsorship, which was 87%. The cost per acquisition through face to face created savings of $116 per pledge compared to child sponsorship acquisition, via the same channel. The product stood out in a saturated market, bolstering revenue, and helping the organisation grow its supporter base and sustain its child-focused work for the future.


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