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Service Partner of the Year

Celebrating excellence in campaign execution and partnership

This award recognises suppliers who have established strong relationships and delivered significant outcomes (financial or other) for member organisations through the delivery and execution of a campaign.

This award looks to acknowledge suppliers who have assisted a charity with direct fundraising services in the execution of a campaign which may include, but not limited to: 
•    Digital marketing 
•    Advertising 
•    Face2Face 
•    Telemarketing 
•    Direct mail 
•    Events 

This award is not intended to recognise the strategy development and consulting services, but focus on the execution of the campaign and the relationship.  It does not limit the nomination if the supplier did or did not undertake the strategy and consulting.

Nominated by an FIA Member non-profit/charity, the relationship, ethics, management and fundraising outcomes will be considered. 


Executive summary - 20%

a)    Tell us about the supplier, your relationship and what impact they have had on the execution of a fundraising campaign and achievement of outcomes. 

b)    Please provide a short (approx. 1-3 min) video telling us about the supplier and why they should win this award. This can be a simple video filmed on your phone.  The quality of the production will not be considered in the judging process – it’s about the story you tell. To see examples of some videos the judges have rated highly in the past, visit #TopTips | FIA Awards


Engagement - 10% 

What led you to engage with this supplier? What services were you wanting to use and what role did they play in the campaign?  Is this a new relationship or long-term? What made you choose their product / service over others in the sector? How did the supplier demonstrate its compliance to the FIA Code and sector best practice?


Relationship and management - 20%

Detail the working relationship you have with the supplier. Describe their customer service, transparency of activities and results. What criteria did you use to measure the success of the relationship? 

Activities - 20%

What fundraising services did the supplier deliver? Detail the scope of services and specific activities delivered.  Was there a dynamic nature to the services and how was that managed by you and the supplier? Describe any new or innovative products or services that enhanced the project.

FIA Code Alignment - 10%

Illustrate at least one way your campaign showed alignment to the FIA Code.

Impact and Outcomes - 20%           

Describe how your fundraising campaign benefited from the services delivered by the supplier.  What outcomes were achieved against your measures of success for the campaign? What lessons were learnt? What made the achievements beyond normal expectations?  How has the engagement impacted future fundraising plans?

Who can enter this category?

Submissions must be completed by a non-profit member of FIA and approved by a representative of the nominated supplier. If you are unsure of your membership status, or that of the supplier, please call 1300 889 670.
The nominating non-profit must be an Organisational Member of FIA (2024/2025 membership year). 
The nominating non-profit must have CEO, Head of Fundraising or Board of Director endorsement of the supplier nomination.
The nominated supplier must be an Organisational Member of FIA (2024/2025 membership year) and have held this membership for a minimum of 12 months. A representative of the supplier organisation must endorse the entry.

Submission guide 

Download the submission guide for full details, terms and conditions and to plan your submission before you start.

Download the pre-submission checklist to ensure you have everything you need prior to submitting your entry.

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