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“I feel very grateful – to be recognised for my work and to those who have helped me get this far. I hope to pay it forward and help other young fundraisers where I can.”

2020 Young Fundraiser of the Year - Steffi Chang

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"MS Ltd will be looking to enter at least one category each year from now onwards. Just entering has the benefit of getting you to reflect and refocus on your campaigns – testing their strengths and weaknesses, which enables you to possibly refine them in future. Entering also galvanises the team to support their projects. Winning is a great chance to build the profile of fundraising in your organisation and gives everyone a spring in their step. FIA have also streamlined the entry process, which I think used to put some people off. It’s much clear and easier to enter now, so we will be thinking about what to put forward very soon. Still, next year I will dress up a bit more for the awards dinner – just in case we win again." 

2020 Most Outstanding Project & Impact Through Events Campaign - Ben Holgate MFIA, Multiple Sclerosis Limited

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2020 Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year - Martin Paul FFIA

Victorian Winner of Fundraising Team of the Year - Sharon Elliot MFIA, Ethiopiaid Australia

"The entire fundraising team of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) came together to attend the FIA Awards Dinner back at the end of February, which was lovely within itself.  It was nice to be a guest at a Gala dinner, all on one table, and not behind the scenes working it, like we all do for our RFDS annual Gala.  It was lovely to frock up, and enjoy each other’s company socially.  It was an added (unexpected) privilege to have won the national Fundraising Team of the Year Award.  There was so much excitement and joy expressed that moment our team name was called out as the winners to come up on stage.  Winning the award was amazing, and brought us even closer together, which I didn’t know was possible."

2020 Fundraising Team of the Year - Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section): Fundraising & Philanthropy Team

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"Being nominated for the FIA Young Fundraiser of the Year award by my brilliant mentor and talented team was a great moment of career affirmation. And to be recognised for my craft – which feels to me far more of a privilege than a profession – is a true honour.

To the trailblazers who invest their time and energy into furthering the careers of young fundraisers through mentoring and opportunity – your belief is the greatest testament of all. Make no mistake – your nomination will be an important marker on their ‘fundraising journey’. "

Queensland Young Fundraiser of the Year - Imogene Grant

“Winning this award was great recognition for the team’s and organisation’s commitment and approach to innovation.  Fundraisers have a knack for avoiding the spotlight, but this award was deserved acknowledgement for their professionalism and creativity.”

2020 Joint Winner Fundraising Impact Through Creativity - Daniel Lalor MFIA MS Queensland

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"I was incredibly proud of the work of my marketing team who work side-by-side and in true partnership with our fundraising team to deliver these exceptional results for the organisation and to tell the story of our beneficiaries and the story of need in such an engaging and compelling way. Winning this award was a huge moment for my team and it really validated their work and role in driving the results for the appeal. It was also a huge moment for me both personally and professionally as this was my first foray into the amazing world of fundraising and NFPs, having built a career in commercial food and beverage marketing. But importantly I have witnessed the huge impact that winning this award has had on the morale, confidence and self-belief of my team and they continue to achieve even greater results in even more challenging times."
2020 Joint Winner Fundraising Impact Through Creativity - Katrina Grant, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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"It was a very special moment for me to be recognised as the NSW Young Fundraiser of the Year 2020! The award has increased my profile and credibility, and introduced me to new fundraising friends and mentors.

I strongly encourage others to consider nominating their younger colleagues or themselves. It gives a huge boost in confidence and career at a critical time in fundraisers’ working lives.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity FIA and Blackbaud!"

NSW Young Fundraiser of the Year - Tessa Irwin EMFIA CFRE

"Winning this award was a great way to demonstrate to our board that this new way of investing in gifts in wills, one of the few areas of significant fundraising growth, was being recognised for its creative execution and the success of its results. This is especially important as one of our values at UNICEF Australia is Innovation. I highly recommend other organisations enter into the FIA Fundraising Awards of Excellence as it is a great way to boost team morale, show effectiveness in your programs through a highly competitive and peer-reviewed program and showcase your team’s success to your leadership team and board. It also highlights to new potential fundraising employees during recruitment your organisation’s commitment to best practice fundraising."

2020 Most Innovative Campaign - Shannon Fleming MFIA, UNICEF Australia

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