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Winners Testimonials


‘Winning ‘Fundraising Impact Through Creativity’ has meant a great deal to our organisation. Before entering this award, we never would’ve thought that a small organisation with limited resources and without a huge turn-around in fundraising results would have won. It’s been hugely uplifting to see our work recognised and celebrated in the wider industry.’  

Fundraising Impact Through Creativity 2023 Winner- Ethiopiaid

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"I love working in the NFP space, it gives me an opportunity to have a voice at the table and a say in what we want the world we inherit from older generations to look like - without the stifling bureaucracy of government or cognitive dissonance of the corporate sector. Working for organizations that put their money where their mouth is (not as profits in the pockets of shareholders or senior management) shows that the value of each week's work can have a direct impact on the cause you are passionate about."

Young Fundraiser of the Year 2022 - Tom Hansford

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"It was a great honour and very humbling experience. Fundraising can be misunderstood and maligned by the uninitiated so to be so kindly recognized by my peers for fundraising excellence meant the world to me.  However, while it was a wonderful person accolade it couldn’t have happened without my amazing team and compassionate donors. "

Fundraiser of the Year 2022 - Carl Young FFIA CFRE

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"We always think of our organisation as a small but mighty charity. So, winning the ‘Impact on a Shoestring’ award aligns perfectly with our organisation and really is a true testament of what we have been able to achieve over the past couple of years on a shoestring budget!"

Impact on a Shoestring 2022 Winner - Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc

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Wishart Roewen - Photo.jpg

"It was a great delight to be recognised with the Arthur Venn Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022. My delight is probably evident in the rather goofy smile on my face in a couple of the conference photographs. I felt particularly proud to receive this award."

Arthur Venn Lifetime Achievement 2022 Winner - Roewen Wishart FFIA

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"The award has helped spotlight the value of event and community fundraising to our wider organisation, creating talking points and presentation opportunities, that as well as being financially beneficial, events also provide important community engagement opportunities and broaden the reach of our prevention and mission projects – win win really."

2022 Joint Winner Impact Through Events - Tanya Byrne, Cancer Council

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2018 World Refugee Day Breakfast.jpg

"Well, 2021 started as a surprise for me with the nomination and award as 2021 National Fundraiser of the year. After 2020, I didn't think anything would surprise me, but it did. This award has been lovely recognition of my fundraising career over the past 20+ years."

Fundraiser of the Year 2021 - Trudi Mitchell FFIA

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"To be both nominated and awarded the South Australian Young Fundraiser of the Year award is an incredibly proud achievement in my career. Not only this, but to be aligned with the FIA at this level reflects my passions for effective and ethical fundraising."

SA Young Fundraiser of the Year  2021- Alix Katala MFIA

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2020 Victorian Fundraising Team of the Year - Ethiopiaid Australia Foundation

Lifeline Corp logo_608 x 285 pi.png

"Winning the Best Pivot Campaign was a huge honour for our organisation, and particularly special given it recognises the first time we as a network have come together to raise funds. Our Emergency Appeal was an enormous effort from so many parts of our organisation, and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate in this way, and reflect back to the organisation that our fundraising peers also considered it to be a success." 

2021 Joint Winner Best Pivot Campaign or Initiative - Rochelle Nolan, Lifeline Australia 

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"Being awarded NSW Winner for Fundraising Team of the Year meant so much to the team and Starlight as a whole. To have been acknowledged in ANY year would have been incredible, but to have received this at the end of navigating a global pandemic takes the pride to another level altogether! Like everyone, the global pandemic challenged Starlight in ways we could never have imagined. It turned our plans upside down and required us to work harder and smarter than ever. The award for us was a celebration of how effectively we navigated our way through fundraising during one of the toughest times in living history. The win filled the team with appreciation for each other and even deeper pride in the vital role they play in helping to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and young people."

NSW Fundraising Team of the Year 2021 - Starlight Children's Foundation

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Starlight Marketing Fundraising Team Photo 2020.PNG

Arthur Venn Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 - Dr Wendy Scaife FFIA

"To be recognised by the peak body of fundraising in Australia is something I am very proud of. Since winning the award I’ve received a lot of well wishes from respected figures in the philanthropy sector, as well as people outside of the fundraising world, which I’m really appreciative of. Winning the award has enabled me to broaden my networks across the sector. I’ve met lots of great people who happen to be brilliant fundraisers and had interactions with many people that I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the FIA Awards."

Young Fundraiser of the Year 2021 - Luke Toebelmann

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Photo of Luke Toebelmann.jpg

"The FIA Awards are brilliant way to enhance the profile of smaller charities like the Perkins.  Submitting an entry allows you to benchmark yourself against some of the best causes and fundraisers in Australia. And when you win for your team’s hard work and innovation, it’s a proud moment and one you’ve well and truly earned."

Best Supporter Experience 2021 - Paige Gibbs, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

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2020 Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year - Martin Paul FFIA

"For me personally, this was a great opportunity to share our learnings and success with other organizations, and gave me the confidence to shout about our success. It also provided some great networking opportunities.

For the organization, the award really helped to validate the importance of philanthropy within the performing arts, within the broader charity context – particularly as we are still building our philanthropy program. For it to be recognized amongst other charitable causes, carried weight with our leadership team."

Joint Winner of Best Pivot Campaign or Initiative & Winner of Most Outstanding Fundraising Project 2021 - Natalie Barnett, Arts Centre Melbourne

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